The Baker

Que onda! My name is Mayra Sibrian and I'm the owner, creative, and baker behind Selva Central Goods.
After graduating from culinary school, I went on to work in restaurants and bakeries throughout Southern California, Seattle, and has even appeared on *Netflix's Sugar Rush & Food Network's Big Time Bake*
I was raised with Mexican and Salvadoran roots. The dream was to incorporate and share the love of my culture into my love of baking. What started as a glass-painting business soon transformed into a bakery to carry on these values through pan dulce. 
Seattle and the surrounding areas has a strong and growing Latinx community. In this growth, there is room for diversity in the food scene. When we hear of pan dulce, Mexican pan dulce is what comes to mind, but Central America has so much pan dulce to offer! Don't worry, you'll still see some of your classic favorites.
I opened Selva Central Goods, specializing in sweet breads and pastries inspired by my roots. These goods are baked using traditional and natural ingredients, sourced locally, and re-imagined to feed the creative soul. Our pan dulce serves to give the Latinx community a taste of home and introduce the Central American culture to those who are unfamiliar. 
*Netflix Sugar Rush Christmas, Season 1 Ep2: Christmas Tree
*Food Network Big Time Bake, Season 1
Ep6: Travel